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''The world was said to be rectangular, then it was said to be round but in the end it will be said to be triangular.''

What is UniPrism and how does it work ?

UniPrism is a 3D web browser application in which you can explore the internet within virtual spaces. A place in which you
can interact with other users as well as your environment using your desktop computer, your tablet and your smart phone.
Each user is given a free profile and a 3D character which they can edit to suit their identity. Then they can travel through
several rooms designed with 3D computer software. Every room has its own purpose and theme. As a user you will be able to visit
or host exhibitions, listen to music, watch videos and browse libraries.

What is the aim of the project ?

- To promote art by creating a space where artists can hold exhibitions.
- To integrate the application for mobile.
- To unify all social media and website accounts into one and only profile. A collaboration between Google, Facebook, Youtube,
Twitter, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Wikipedia and many others will help in the expansion of the project. As each of them will have their
own tool within the user interface of the 3D browser. Users will be able to chat within the virtual space.
- To be able to create a space where companies, brands, artists and public figures can advertise by creating their own rooms,
stands and billboards within the museum.
- To collaborate with a virtual reality headset company such as the Oculus Rift in order to enhance the experience

Find out more about Murat Saygıner, the creator of the project.


''I see no vision of oneness in the current network of social services. We can all collaborate in order to integrate
these tools into the user interface of a new browser. I believe this generation that has grown up with video games is ready
to experience a new way of surfing the web. We are entering a new era and this is the future of internet browsing. 3D browsing
has endless potential and I say we build it together. Let's build a home without borders, for all inhabitants of Earth.
An enormous museum dedicated to the human kind. A temple with an art gallery, a university, a library, a shopping mall,
all in one place, a place where we can unite, discover, express, communicate and share. The more support we have from you
the more the project will be able to expand.''
Murat Saygıner

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